Trustworthy Autonomous Systems

TAS Governance and Regulation Node.
  • TAS Node on Regulation and Governance
  • Overview: This project has been examining governance of AI and robotics. I have focused on cross cutting aspects with computer science and ethnomethodology colleagues to understand implementation of regulation by design, and the provocations posed by the new proposed EU AI Act.
  • Position: Co-Investigator
  • Funder and amount: EPSRC Grant EP/V026607/1. £3,206,174
  • Length: Nov 2020 – April 2024.
  • Institutions: Universities of Edinburgh, Nottingham, Heriot Watt, Kings College London, Sussex, Glasgow .
  • Investigators: Andy Crabtree, Alex Lascarides, Robin Williams, Burkhar Schafer, Ajitha Rajan, Chris Marsden, Shannon Vallor, Alan Bundy, Andrew Ireland, Andrew Jackson, Phoebe Li, Alice Miller, Hana Chockler, Vaishak Belle.

  • TAS Integrator Project: Trustworthy Autonomous Systems and Socio-Technical Innovation in Data Protection by Design and Default (DPbDD)
  • Overview: Cyber-physical systems are increasingly intelligent and autonomous and rely on automated data processing that often implicates identified or potentially identifiable people. Such systems are legally required to build in Data Protection by Design and Default (DPbDD). However, implementing DPbDD is challenging in a context where cyber-physical systems are embedded in a distributed ecology characterised by manifold devices situated within interpersonal social networks and heterogenous third-party actors having differentiated data processing requirements. This project seeks to develop a socio-technical framework in collaboration with the Information Commissioner’s Office and Connected Places Catapult to enable the implementation of DPbDD principles in a real-world context.
  • Funder: TAS Hub
  • Length: Oct 2022-Oct 2023
  • Institutions: Universities of Edinburgh, Nottingham, UK Information Commissioner Office, Connected Places Catapult.
  • Investigators: Lachlan Urquhart, Daria Onitiu, Andy Crabtree, Tom Lodge, Kevin Glover.

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