Trustworthy Autonomous Systems

TAS Governance and Regulation Node.
  • Overview: This project has been examining governance of AI and robotics. I have focused on cross cutting aspects with computer science and ethnomethodology colleagues to understand implementation of regulation by design, and the provocations posed by the new proposed EU AI Act.
  • Position: Co-Investigator
  • Funder and amount: EPSRC Grant EP/V026607/1. £3,206,174
  • Length: Nov 2020 – April 2024.
  • Institutions: Universities of Edinburgh, Nottingham, Heriot Watt, Kings College London, Sussex, Glasgow .
  • Investigators: Andy Crabtree, Alex Lascarides, Robin Williams, Burkhar Schafer, Ajitha Rajan, Chris Marsden, Shannon Vallor, Alan Bundy, Andrew Ireland, Andrew Jackson, Phoebe Li, Alice Miller, Hana Chockler, Vaishak Belle.

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