(incl. main background/perspectives of collaborators)


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  • 2020 – Full Journal Paper – with S Piesecki (Law) and D McAuley (CompSci) ‘Defence Against the Dark Artefacts: An Analysis of Smart Home Cybersecurity Standards’ (Under Review) [PDF]
  • 2020 – Book Chapter –  with J Chen (Law) – ‘On the Principle of Accountability:Challenges for Smart Homes and Cybersecurity ’ IET Book on IoT and Accountability (In Preparation)
  • 2020 – with J Chen (Law), S Piasecki (Law) ‘Securing the Smart Home: The Game’ (In Preparation)
  • 2020 – Full Journal Paper –  with D Miranda (Criminology) ‘Smart Home, Smart Policing’ (In Preparation)
  • 2020 Full Journal Paper – with P Craigon (Critical Theory)  ‘The Moral-IT Deck: Enabling Reflection on Ethical Values in Design’. (In Preparation)
  • 2020 – Full Journal Paper – with A McStay (Media Studies) ‘Ecologies of Training Data and Emotion in the Automotive Sector’ (In Preparation)
  • 2020 – Book Chapter “White Noise from the White Goods? Embedded Regulation for Ambient Domestic Computing” In B Schafer, L Edwards, E Harbinja Future Law  (Published) [PDF]


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  • 2018 – Short Full Conference Paper with D Miranda (Criminology), ‘Smart Home, Smart Policing?’ for Surveillance & Society 2018.


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  • 2018Full Conference Paper – with N Jäger (Architecture/CompSci)  & H Schnädelbach (Architecture/CompSci) ‘Adaptive Architecture: Regulating Human Building Interaction’ for BILETA 2018, Aberdeen, Scotland.  ** Won Taylor & Francis Prize**


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  • Short Magazine Paper (2013) “The Aerial Gaze: regulation domestic drones in the UK” Society for Computers and Law Vol 24(1) April/May Edition. (Published)


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