• October 2022 – presenting at NORDICHI 2022.
  • August 2022 – Invited to the ‘Research Through Design Residential 5-day Jamboree’, Lancaster University, Cumbria.



  • 20-24 June 2022 – DCODE PhD Summer School, Delft, Netherlands.
  • 6-7 July 2022 – Presenting Ron’s Gone Wrong and So will other robots at Gikii in Iceland
  • 26-28 July 2022 – presenting ‘Working with Affective Computing: Exploring UK Public Perceptions of AI enabled Workplace Surveillance.’with D Miranda and A Laffer. ETHICOMP, Turku.
  • 1-3 June 2022 – with D Miranda, A McStay, V Bakir and P Mantello ‘Affective Surveillance through Emotional AI in Smart Cities’ Panel at Surveillance and Society, Rotterdam, 2022.
  • 6 May 2022 – invited to present on ‘Emotion, Law and AI’ at the ‘AI Bestiary Workshop’ organised at Big Data Institute/TORCH University of Oxford.
  • 3 May 2022 – with M. Wilson, S. Midha, H. Maior, A. Cox, and L. Chuang, ‘Brain Data as Personal Data – bringing together neurotechnology, personal informatics, and work/life balance’ ACM SIGCHI Special Interest Group Event.
  • 3 May 2022 – I organised the event  ‘Regulation of Emotion and Biometric Recognition Workshop’ at Ada Lovelace Institute with Prof L Edwards. Also presented as chair.
  • 1-23rd April 2022 – hosted at Visiting Scientist at Fraunhofer AICOS, Porto. 
  • 6 April 2022 – invited to present overview of research at Fraunhofer AICOS Human Centred Design Research Group Quarta D’Hora series, Porto, Portugal.
  • 25 March 2022 – invited to present on ‘Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Research’ for Law School Early Career Researcher Series (cancelled due to strike action).
  • 24 March 2022 – Invited to Present ‘Defence Against Dark Artefacts at ‘(Legal) Challenges for a Cyber-Physical World international symposium’, Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation, University of New South Wales/Australia/Online. (cancelled due to Strike action)
  • 18 March 2022 – Invited speaker on ‘Emotional AI – Mind Reading Computers?’ for EFI Controversies in the Data Society. (cancelled due to illness)
  • 8 March 2022 – Invited to the ‘Towards a research agenda on critical infrastructures security’, Bristol Cyber Security Group, Bristol University/Online.


  • 12-14 December 2021 – invited discussant to AI and the Rule of Law Residential Workshop, The Dalmahoy Hotel, Edinburgh with DSTL.
  • 9 November 2021 – presentation on Trustworthy Autonomous Systems by Design at the TAS All Hands, University of Edinburgh, Online.
  • 9 Oct 2021 – presenting with D Miranda on Expecting the Future: Emerging Narratives on Automated Facial and Emotion Recognition Technologies at 4S Conference Toronto, Canada/Online
  • 9 Sept 2021 – participating in IT Law Institute, Bilgi University Summer School on AI.
  • 9 May 2021 – Organised and ran an ACM SIG CHI Workshop on Human Data Interaction Through Design Yokohama Japan/Online – we created a Manifesto too
  • 7 May 2021 – presenting ‘Trustworthy By Design‘ exploring the Proposed EU AI Regulation at CIGR panel on Trustworthy Autonomous Systems, University of Sussex/Online.
  • 20 Jan 2021 – Ran a Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Panel on Emotional AI in Smart Cities with Chuo University, Brussels/Online



  • 25th October 2019 – ‘Edge Computing & Demonstrating Accountability Through the Databox. Regulating Digital Platforms: comparing the British and French Models, University of Edinburgh, UK.
  • 24th October 2019 – Invited Discussant – Artificial Intelligence and the International Rule of Law – UK/Japan Conversation, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • 21st October 2019 – Responsible Research and Innovation Workshop, Horizon CDT, University of Nottingham.
  • 17th October 2019 – Regulating Ubicomp by Design, Design Informatics Seminar Series, University of Edinburgh.
  • 16th October 2019 – Regulating Ubicomp by Design, Law School Staff Seminar Series, University of Edinburgh.
  • 5th September 2019 – Presenting Human Building Interaction at IoT & Surveillance Conference, Newcastle,.
  • September 2019 – Running Workshop on Emotional AI, London
  • September 2019 – Presenting paper at EUROCRIM 2019, Ghent, .
  • September 2019 – Attending Legal Design Summit, Helsinki, .
  • July 2019 – 3 week research trip to Japan as part of ESRC Emotional AI project – organised and ran Emotional AI Workshops with a range of stakeholders ( 9th and 12th July 2019) with UK event to follow (9th September 2019).
  • July 2019 – Presented ‘Regulating Future Smart Cities’ at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University,
  • 24th June 2019 – Commentator on panel at AI & Warfare Workshop, Edinburgh
  • May 2019 – Presented Ethical by Design?  Responsible Research and Innovation using the Moral-IT Deck of Cards [with P Craigon and D Darzentas] at  TILTing Perspectives 2019.
  • May 2019 – Presented paper – ‘Databox: Who controls processing in the smart home? with J Chen , L Edwards, D McAuley TILTing Perspectives 2019, Tilburg, Netherlands. (L Edwards Presented)
  • 4-9 May 2019 – ‘Card Mapper: Enabling Data-Driven Reflections on Ideation Cards’ at CHI 2019 [with D Darzentas, R Velt, R Wetzel, H Wagner, P Craigon, S Benford] in Glasgow on (presented by Peter Craigon)
  • 16-17 April 2019 – Presented  ‘Defence Against Dark Artefacts: Casting Out the Evil in Smart Homes’ with J. Chen, L. Edwards, D. McAuley at BILETA 2019 in Belfast 16-17 April 2019.
  • 3-4 April 2019 – Presented Regulating Smart Buildings, Internet of Things Conference, Alan Turing Institute.
  • 8 Feb 2019 – Presented Regulating Human Building Interaction for Edinburgh Futures Institute, 


  • 13 Dec 2018 – Presenting at book launch of Law, Policy and the Internet, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London.
  • 29 Aug- 1 Sept 2018 – Presenting with D Miranda ‘Policing and the Internet of Things: making daily life visible to Justice?’ European Society of Criminology (EUROCRIM ’18), Sarajevo, Bosnia
  • September 2018 – Presenting ‘Responsible Domestic Robotics: Exploring Ethical Implications Of Robots In The Home’ with N Leesakul and D Reedman Flint, Ethicomp 2018, Gdansk, Poland. (Natalie presented)
  • June 2018 – Presenting ‘Governing Affective Computing and the Problem of Being Private in Public’ with A McStay, Surveillance & Society 2018, Aarhus, Denmark.
  • June 2018 – Presenting ‘Smart Home, Smart Policing’ with D. Miranda Surveillance & Society 2018,  Aarhus, Denmark.
  • 1-22 May 2018 – Running Workshop on ‘Trust by Design’,  Data Justice Conference, Cardiff, Wales.
  • 21-23 March 2018 – Invited Keynote Speaker, ‘Regulating IoT for Food’, IoT for Food, University College Dublin, Ireland.
  • April 2018 – Presenting ‘Adaptive Architecture: Regulating Human Building Interaction’ with N Jäger and H Schnädelbach, BILETA 2018,  Aberdeen, Scotland.
  • 1st Feb 2018 – Invited Speaker at LATi ‘Knowledge Exchange: GDPR Experts Briefing’ event, Loughborough University, Loughborough,  (Tech SME/Start-up Trade Association)


  • 8th Dec 2017 – Invited to Participate in Everyday Cyborgs Workshop, Newcastle University, Newcastle.
  • 5th Dec 2017 – Guest Teaching on MSc module Innovation and Society, University of Nottingham, . [PPT here – STS_Class_5th_Dec ]
  • 17 Nov 2017 – Presenting Poster at Databox Annual Symposium, London, [Poster here]
  • 19th Oct 2017 – Participated in ‘Performing the Future’ workshop at British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, [Rachel’s post on event] .
  • 15th September 2017 – Presented paper at GikII 2017 on Ethical Innovation in Rick and Morty, Winchester, UK, [blog post] .
  • 5-10th September 2017 – Invited Panelist to TechFest and ThingsCon Salon on Ethical IoT, Copenhagen, Denmark [blog post].
  • 5-10th September 2017 – Visit to ETHOs Lab and VIRT-EU Project, IT University Copenhagen. Also STS Lunchtime Speaker on Moral-IT, Denmark
  • 23rd June 2017 – Lab talk on the Right to Data Portability, Mixed Reality Lab, UoN.
  • 20th June 2017 – Invited speaker for on Privacy, Security & Domestic IoT at Sensing and Privacy Workshop, Centre for Intelligent Sensing, Queen Mary University, London.
  • 19th June 2017 – Attended Second Unbias Multistakeholder Workshop, London.
  • 16th June 2017 – Attended Workshop on Ubicomp Enabled Design, UoN.
  • 5-8th June 2017 – Presenting a paper on User Centric Regulation at ETHICOMP 2017, Torino, Italy.
  • 26th May 2017 – Invited speaker for HCI seminar on User Centric Regulation at School of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University, Lancaster.
  • 17-19th May 2017 – Presented a paper on Cybersecurity and Cyber Physical Systems/Industrial IoT at TILTing Perspectives,  Tilburg, Netherlands.
  • 24-28th April 2017 – Presented Privacy by Design research and participated in week-long workshop Privacy by Design: Beyond the Screen (How is it Possible?) – Lorentz Institute, Leiden, Netherlands.
  • 20-21st April 2017 – Presented a paper on the Right to Data Portability at BILETA 2017, Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal.
  • 7th April 2017 – Participated in Workshop, Tracking People: Legal and Ethical Debates, University of Leeds.
  • 6th March 2017 – Taught a class on Privacy by Design for Strathclyde University LL.M Internet Law and Policy, Glasgow.
  • 1st March 2017 – PhD viva with Prof B. Schafer and Prof D. McAuley, (passed, no corrections)
  • 17th Feb 2017 – Webinar for Trilateral Consulting on New Directions in IT Law, London,
  • 15th Feb 2017 – Attended Conference on Algorithms and the Law, University of Strathclyde.
  • 8th Feb 2017 – Participated in Byte Conference, Trilateral, London.
  • 2nd Feb 2017 – Participated in 1st Unbias Multistakeholder Event, Digital Catapult, London
  • Jan 2017 – Participated in Launch of 5 Rights Report, House of Lords, London, 31st


  • 2nd Dec 2016 – Invited to present my PhD research at Edinburgh Law School, University of Edinburgh.
  • 5th Dec 2016 – Participated in SATORI Ethical Impact Assessment Event, Trilateral, London.
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