Horizon Trusted Data Driven Products

  • Title: Horizon 3.0: Trusted Data Driven Products
  • Overview:
  • Position: Founding Partner
  • Funder: EPSRC – EP/T022493/1 ; £4,075,505
  • Length: Aug 2020 – July 2025.
  • Institutions: Universities of Nottingham; Newcastle; Edinburgh; De Montfort; Glasgow; East Anglia.
  • Detail: Prof Boriana Koleva + 22 Co-I’s
  • Current Projects I work on funded under Horizon
  • Title: Memory Machine 2.0
  • Amount: £25,000
  • Position: Co-Investigator.
  • Funder: Horizon/EPSRC.
  • Length: Sept 2020-May 2021.
  • Institutions: Nottingham University and University of Edinburgh.
  • Details: Elvira Perez Vallejos (PI) Rachel Jacobs, Dominic Price, Sarah Martindale, Robin Shackford, Sarah Martindale, Dimitri Darzentas, Lachlan Urquhart. Continuation of earlier work to build and test a working prototype of the MeMa system with elderly users.
  • Title: hoRRizon
  • Amount: £345,000
  • Funder: Horizon Agile Grant
  • Length: April 2021-April 2022.
  • Institution: Horizon UoN, de Montfort, Orbit, Edinburgh
  • Detail: Elvira Perez Vallejos (PI), Bernd Stahl, Chris Greenhalgh, Virginia Portillo, Liz Douthwaite, Dimitri Darzentas, Hanne Wagner, Peter Craigon, Kevin Glover, Edgar Bodiaj, Neelima Sailaja, Martin de Heaver, Lachlan Urquhart. Examining Horizon Responsible Research and Innovation practices and card based tools for building trusted products.

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