Fixing the Future

Fixing the Future
  • Title: Fixing the Future: The Right to Repair and Equal-IoT
  • Overview:
  • Position: Principal Investigator
  • Funder and Amount: EPSRC – EP/W024780/1; £1,258,675
  • Length: Sept 2022 – Sept 2024
  • Institutions: School of Law and Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh, Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute, Imagination Lancaster, Napier University.
  • Team: Dr Lachlan Urquhart (PI), Prof Melissa Terras, Prof Ewa Luger, Dr Susan Lechelt, Dr Mike Stead, Dr Joe Lindley, Dr Neelima Sailaja, Prof Derek McAuley, Dr Dimitrios Darzentas . Partners: The Making Rooms, Blackburn, BBC R+D, Which?, Canadian Government, NCC Group, Rachel Jacobs.

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