PDFs of Past Conference Presentations: Drones SCL Summer 2014

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 22.09.07I thought I might start adding some of my past academic conference presentations on here instead of them just gathering digital dust on my hard drive. The first one is the most comprehensive presentation I made for my work on drones, privacy and data protection. The presentation was made for last summer’s SCL  Technology Law Futures Forum in London. As this is a fast moving area, aspects of the law may have changed and this is an area I’ve not kept up with as much recently due to other work. For example this presentation predates the influential Article 29 Working Party Opinion 1/2015 on Drones and Data Protection/Privacy, the UK House of Lords Report on Civilian Uses of Remotely Piloted Aircraft and the large report by Finn, Wright, Jacques and De Hert on Privacy, Data Protection Ethical Risks in Civil RPAS Operations. As we can see, things have moved on considerably since my original written piece “The Aerial Gaze” back in early 2013, and from my Gikii 2012 presentation “The Bug Farm”. Nevertheless there are some useful ideas in these presentations that hopefully still hold true today 🙂

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