Portuguese Smart Cities Magazine

Over the past few weeks I’ve been guest editing a special edition of Society of Computers and Law on Smart Cities, reading lots of contributions from great authors from different disciplinary backgrounds. This is a follow up to the Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities of Smart Cities Conference I helped organise in Glasgow back in March/April 2015. It’s coming out in summer so perhaps my awareness of smart cities is sharpened at the moment! Anyway, today I spotted an interesting magazine tucked away on a kiosk near Minho University in Braga. This mag is dedicated to smart cities in Portugal with the current edition including a feature on urban art (it is in Portuguese… so it needs me to improve my reading skills in the process…but the website does have some news in English too). It comes out every couple of months, and might be one to watch for more examples of smart cities around the world 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 16.33.43

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